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with Karen Geldart, Master Hypnotherapist, also certified in NLP, TimeLine® Therapy, & ThetaHealing®


You CAN live a life free from anxiety.


Easily and effortlessly release those paralyzing fears.


Why “manage” your anger? Why not let it go!


Release the emotions and subconscious beliefs keeping you stuck in persistent or overwhelming grief.

About Karen

Five years ago I was a lost soul, and I definitely could not have envisioned myself helping people to use their unconscious mind to heal themselves. But now I see there has been a path laid out for me, and everything that I have done and everything that has happened in my life has brought me to helping people to heal themselves. At that point, after a number of heartbreaking personal losses, feeling stuck in a go nowhere job, and incredibly unsure about my future, I stumbled upon a certification program, offering training in NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnosis.

Finally I had found my calling. These courses helped me to understand the power of the unconscious mind and its incredible ability to heal not only physical, but emotional issues. Having used these tools, among others, to release powerful negative emotions and limiting beliefs about myself, my dream is to share this gift of healing transformation with you.

You May Benefit From Working With Karen If:

  • You struggle with symptoms of anxiety, fear or phobias.
  • You seem unable to cope with strong emotions of anger, sadness, or grief.
  • You are aware of patterns of self-sabotage – you are frustrated with your behaviour, and can’t understand why you keep doing it!
  • You have issues with trust, low self-worth, powerlessness, or other negative emotions.
  • You want to understand why certain relationships are so difficult.
  • You want to break the “energetic hold” certain people seem to have over you, especially former partners.
  • You want to change negative habits such as nail biting, bed wetting, excessive coffee consumption, etc.
  • You want to improve your memory, self-confidence, or body image.
  • You wish to experience more sexual fulfillment, or overcome erectile dysfunction.

Karen Loves WORKING WITH Kids

So many of our children and youth are struggling today. And sadly, diagnoses such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, Depression, etc. are becoming increasingly more common. Other kids are highly sensitive, and struggle to balance their energies in our fast-paced world.

Karen is passionate about helping children and youth identify and release the negative emotions and subconscious beliefs causing them such torment. “It is so rewarding to help kids release their fears and other negative emotions. Knowing they can overcome these obstacles leaves them feeling much more empowered and in control of their lives. Why should they suffer for years? Helping your child let go of their issues is one of the greatest gifts you could give them.”

Described as a ‘kid magnet’, Karen’s warm, friendly style immediately puts children at ease. And her techniques are a great fit for this age group. Children can easily employ their imaginations to connect with their subconscious minds, allowing them to easily release blocks and fears.


Karen loves to meet new people and offers free 30 minute exploration sessions. If you're curious about how working with your subconscious mind can change your life, get in touch today!

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